Since 1968

Contract work

COMEC is a mechanical workshop equipped for design and manufacture of special machines and equipment, assemblies, parts and sub-assemblies; turning, milling, boring both with traditional and CNC techniques.

Comec works in fact with CNC lathes and machining centers, traditional lathes and  milling machines and is able to realize also full assemblies by customer’s design .


One of our CNC machines during a milling process

Our services are directed towards different fields such as, for example, industrial valves, cutting and wrapping scotch tape, polyurethane, hydraulics, electromechanical and more.

Our equipment is composed by first class machines such as:

vertical and horizontal CNC Machining centers, palletised, indispensable to guarantee a considerable productive flexibility, able to simultaneously produce more different pieces with absolute and repetitive precision .

horizontal and vertical CNC mono-spindle lathes , ensuring the machining centers to meet all the requirements on time and with the required quality.

The production phases start from the study of the drawings, through CAM programming systems, from which  an optimal machining cycle is scheduled to produce the piece.
We believe that the product warranty starts from the design stage.
Our technical department is able to create products, special applications, systems, with imagination and quality, thanks to a revolutionary new CAD system with 3D solid modeling.
Our fifty-year experience allows us to solve your manufacturing requests, from simple parts to complex assemblies, using qualified and special materials; w can ensure also large quantities production.

We are also able to offer assembly of small groups or subgroups of machines. Our company can meet your requests in a short time thanks to an efficient organization and qualified staff.

10micron production

Production department

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